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I just completed three weeks of one-on-one lessons. It was an incredibly empowering experience. The teaching method is such that a perfect balance is struck between meeting important curriculum goals, and supporting the student's unique learning style. I felt very focused on and tailored to. But what I appreciated most actually was the true passion the teachers have for helping people learn. They offered terrific free activities to inspire excitement and increase speaking opportunities. They listened to my frustrations when I felt overwhelmed, and modified the program to fit my needs. They cared enough to motivate me when I was loosing confidence. Overall I felt that my time at the school was much more than a collection of language lessons.....it was a powerful cultural immersion experience that has set me on a solid path to continuing my language development.

Amy M.

I lived in Florence with my 2 young boys ages 9 and 11 for 3 months. While there, I looked for the best languages schools and teachers with excellent communication skills. After looking extensively I finally found the perfect match in Irene Amantia, a Professional and proficient language teacher with quite the talent in her work. She is beyond amazing at what she does and really impressed me with her patience, knowledge of various teaching forms and excellent communication skills. I hired Irene as a private Italian teacher for my boys. Given their ages, I knew it could be a bit of challenge however, she was the perfect fit. Giving them both age and grade level appropriate instruction. Both verbal and written instruction in addition to role playing and hands on real world communication out in the community. We visited several food venders, cafes and fruit stands where the boys were able to effectively communicate in Italian. This was unbelievable that in such a short time they could learn so much. Additionally,  I decided to attend the school upon our return. The staff is incredibly kind, helpful and willing to assist with any questions or concerns. The school is located in what I though was the perfect location. It's just outside the main city center which was fantastic. Still very close by yet with a feel of being out in the countryside. I could live here forever but for now I can only attention as a foreign visitor. The school is reasonably priced compared to the rest I visited. And given the location, the views, the experience you take away from being there, the excellent teachers and everything else, there is no reason in the world I'd go to any other school. Best of luck to you

Maggie B.

Zwei Wochen Italienisch lernen unter Olivenbäumen mit Blick auf Florenz! Vielen Dank für unterhaltsame, lehrreiche und sehr individuelle Unterrichtsstunden mit ungemein viel Spaß! Immer wieder gern!

Felicitas D.

If you want to push your italian into the next level with a dedicated teacher in a beautiful environment, this is the place to go! Irene and Alessandra live their passion and you will feel this spirit in every single lesson, that is as well perfectly structured as it is full of creative methods to reach you on different channels. And the only reason, I am writing this comment in English (dopo che ho imparato cosi tanto in solo due settimane grazie alla mia meravigliosa insegnante) is, to reach all you guys out there, who are still up to learn Italian and have the chance to make a life enriching decision with choosing l´olivo italiano!

Daniela W.

Acabo de regresar a casa después de haber estado en el Olivo italiano por cuatro semanas para aprender italiano y ha sido una experiencia maravillosa . Estuve con un grupo de cuatro personas que venían de varios países más o menos con el mismo nivel, teníamos dos enseñantes Irene y Jacopo, los dos super buenos profesores, las clases eran siempre muy divertidas y con muchas interacciones entre los estudiantes y los profesores haciendo así que la aprendizaje fuera constante y ordenado. La idea de aprender practicando a través de conversaciones en italiano, funciona perfectamente y en las tardes hacíamos siempre actividades .... aprendimos a hacer la pasta hecha en casa, y gracias a los intercambios lingüísticos he conocido y hablado en italiano también con una chica italiana Alexandra que estudia el español , intercambio interesante. El jueves íbamos siempre a tomar un aperitivo todos juntos y visitar también la hermosa campaña en los alrededores de Florencia, Beatrice es una guía muy preparada que te explíca y hace enamorar del arte y la historia de esta rica ciudad! Además el lugar es maravilloso, mirar los atardeceres sobre el Duomo de Florencia desde la terraza panorámica es una experiencia única ! aconsejo esta escuela a todas las personas que deseen aprender italiano y no tengo ninguna duda de que regresare lo antes posible😍😘😍

Catalina A.

Irene was my Italian language teacher. I found her to be very accomodating in helping me with any linguistic queries. I had...and there were many! Irene is very patient, explains concepts very clearly, always backed up by clarification on the whiteboard and accompanying handouts to reinforce our learning. In addition, she is able to clarify points in German and English, if necessary. She is a very positive person and provided a climate in her classroom which made us feel comfortable and safe, both essential to making progress in learning

Anita M.
Nueva Zelandia

I took part in a 3-week language course with Irene as my teacher. I very much appreciated the classes with her, her guidance on excursions, and the long and numerous conversations we had in- and outside the language classes. Irene is a very committed, patient and thorough teacher. She is very friendly and explains everything with sheer endless patience. She always has an open ear for her students, does never look at the clock but has time for students instead. I profited a lot from her teaching - and, apart from all that, she is a very nice, kind and interesting person!

Wolfang O.

Ho appreziato i corsi con Irene durante 3 settimane. Il suo entusiasmo crea una atmosfera piacevole. Sopratutto, ha le conoscenze intellettuale e pedagogiche per adattare il corso alle aspettative di tutti. E generosa e riesce a rendere i corsi interessanti. Ha la capacità di fare progressare i studenti con il piacere di studiare

Marie-Claude D.

Un site de toute merveille en pleine toscane !!!!! Une école avec des professeurs compétents et un superbe esprit d'équipe. Je voulais juste vous remercier pour ce séjour linguistique en Toscane (pays d'art et de rêve) où j'ai beaucoup appris tant en italien qu'en culture italienne. Tout m'a plu : l'ambiance, la gentillesse... jamais de temps morts.  Bref j'ai passé 15 jours sublimes et je reviendrai, c'est sûr !!!!!!

Pascale M.
Cultura y Idioma Italiano
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