Study Italian step by step (part 2)

Last week we started to see together the first steps to follow when starting to learn Italian. Practical tips to better organize your study program and start learning Italian without getting discouraged. Here are some more…


Take at least 30 minutes a day to study Italian. It is a bit challenging, but it will allow you to obtain progressive results and consequently the first satisfactions, which are, as we know, the engine of learning. You can watch a short video or listen to an audio or a song and you are already halfway! For example, watch a short video in original language (on the Internet there are many and even graduated for the various levels of knowledge of the language). The first time you listen to it, the second you work on the vocabulary and on the structures of the sentence you do not know.

It is always good to spend 5 minutes on the quick review of what you learned the day before, to reinforce your knowledge. Just even remember what you did yesterday … Did you write something? About what? Did you do grammar exercises? What was the learned rule? Was there something unclear? Did you learn any words? Can you remember at least 3 of them?


When you study try to imagine a real situation where what you just learned is used. For example, read a short passage and then stop, close your eyes and imagine the story in your head. For your mind what you have imagined will become real, a bit like having lived it, turning into a useful experience.

If you read a grammar topic, write down the rule to memorize it, do some mechanical exercises to put it into practice but without dwelling on how to put that rule into real communication, you will probably end up forgetting this rule.

For example, if you are working on the clothes vocabulary, visualize entering a store, saying hello to the shop assistant and imagining the possible dialogue. If you do this exercise of imagination, it will be like having already lived a little ‘this experience, and you will see that the first time you enter a fashion store in Italy, the words will come by themselves!


Another important tip is: always give yourself goals. Why do you learn Italian? 

Needless to say “I want to speak Italian right away”, because even if you wish it a lot, it will not happen! There are many steps to pass through, so it is important to set clear objectives, achievable in a short time and realistic.

A goal could be to chat with an Italian mother tongue even just 1 minute a day. If you are in Italy and want to learn the language, go out, ask for information, order a coffee … Italians are a sociable people, it will not be difficult to make friends!

For example, a goal can be to learn 5 words a day. Choose words, memorize them, learn their pronunciation, create sentences with these words, use them to become part of your vocabulary.


Try to practice as much as possible because you can improves only making mistakes… as the saying goes: “Sbagliando si impara (Practice makes perfect)“! Only by practicing will you understand your difficulties and know what you need to reinforce, correct and improve. In this way you will create your personal study program, based on your goals and difficulties and not on any standard book or study method. This will be your method. When and if you will decide to attend a language course to help you move forward, you will clearly know what you need and what your goals are. The teacher can then help you in a targeted, effective and rapid manner.


And above all, travel, travel as much as possible! It’s not easy, it takes time and money … precious goods are not always available, but if your goal is to learn Italian, it becomes essential to come to Italy and discover its culture, its territory, its people.


We hope to have offered some interesting tips, if you want to follow us we will publish other materials for all those who want to study Italian.

We are waiting for you!

Irene and Alessandra