Studying Italian in Italy is one of the richest and most formative experiences for students of all ages.

Let’s see why you should study Italian in Italy…

It’s easier

Learning a foreign language in your country of origin, following a group course or independently, requires a lot of energy and constancy. Studying Italian in Italy allows you to acquire language skills in the most natural and simple way possible! For example, if you make a mistake at home in your notebook maybe spend days before your teacher realizes it, but if you go to the restaurant in Italy and order incorrectly you might see you serve a pepperoni pizza instead of the pizza with the salami you wanted! Experiences are the greatest motivations that can motivate us to learn.

It’s faster

During your stay, you will live in Italy. You will be completely immersed in Italian culture, you will think Italian, you will speak and write Italian and nothing else.

It is more effective

Learning a language is much more than studying a grammar book and a vocabulary. It is also and above all a means of communication between people of the same culture, of the same country. This is not impossible to learn about books, but only through experience.

No doubt, Italy is the best Italian school in the world!

Thus if you really want to learn Italian then the advice is to attend an Italian course in Italy. Many courses combine lessons with activities that allow you to visit the area, get in touch with the people who live there and this is surely the most EASY, FAST AND EFFECTIVE way to learn Italian. If you love the idea of ​​being able to practice the Italian language even at home, getting the most out of his stay in Italy, the accommodation in the family is the perfect solution!

Many portals collect the best schools to study Italian in Italy, such as or

Good luck!