The intensive course combines the COMPLETE COURSE of Italian Language and Culture with personalized attention and focuses on achieving each student's own particular goals. For example to: fasten the learning process, improve writing skills, practice specialist languages, improve phonetics, deepen grammar and/or vocabulary, work on particular professional/study needs or concentrate on a specific linguistic skill as comprehension or expression.


Morning group lessons combined with individual lessons in the afternoon. The course is designed and structured for two weeks, but it’s also possible to enroll to a one-week course. The course starts on Monday and ends on Friday.

Suitable for all language proficiency levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced. Students are divided into homogeneous groups according to their level.

Minimum 3 – Maximum 9*

Teaching Method

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* If the group consists of only two participants of the same level, the timetable is reduced to 3 hours of lessons.

 Sign up and immediately receive via email the placement test to assess your initial level and find your right class.

Morning group classes

Observation, analysis and above all practice of linguistic and grammatical structures to learn how to properly communicate in Italian.

During the break you can have a coffee or a tea, chatting with friends, enjoying the beautiful view from the rooftop terrace or strolling among the olive trees in the park of Bigallo.
The real relaxing break!

11.20 -13.00

Conversation and activities on topics of general interest such as: trends, history, politics, art, music, science, gossip, traditions, gestures and body language, society and habits with the aim of:

  • Knowing and deepening cultural and social elements, pointing out differences with other cultures and thus acquiring the ability to better interact with Italians. As language is not only a means of communication but is much more than that, is also the expression of a cultural identity.
  • Improving your communicative ability to express your needs, feelings your own ideas and opinions to give instructions, to protest, to apologize, to defend ourselves, respecting the communicative intentions: formal/informal, polite/rude, professional/friendly, critical/uncritical imperative/conciliatory, etc.
Afternoon Individual Lessons

13.30 -18.30
Individual lessons can be arranged every afternoons (Monday-Friday). According to your personal targets and needs, a personalized program will be defined to reach the desired goals.
To best meet your needs we offer 3 different DEGREES of frequency and lengths of INTENSIVE COURSE lessons:

According to our experience 90 minutes is the ideal time to carefully study a grammatical topic or to focus on a specific theme.

Do you also wish to participate to other activities or events in your spare time?
Look at our packages or contact us to know all about that and thus make your language course an unforgettable Italian experience!