Individual lessons tailored to your needs in order to achieve specific linguistic or communicative objectives, such as: accelerating your learning curve, improving your writing skills, practising industry-specific language, improving pronunciation, strengthening grammar and/or vocabulary, working on professional and/or academic needs, and balancing comprehension, communication, and proper use of expressions.


1 lesson of  60 or 90 minutes*

Suitable for all language proficiency levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced.

* According to our experience 90 minutes is the ideal time to carefully study a grammatical topic or to focus on a specific theme. Following your personal needs, traditional 60 minutes lessons are available too. Offering the maximum of flexibility, the individual lessons can be booked separately or can be combined to create a weekly or longer course.


1 participant

Teaching Method

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Individual lessons can be arranged every afternoons (Monday-Friday) from 1.30 pm to 6.30 pm.
According to your targets and needs, a personalized program will be tailored to reach the desired goals.

Do you also wish to participate to other activities or events in your spare time?
Look at our packages  or contact us to know all about that
and thus make your language course an unforgettable Italian experience!