Children are always welcome at L’Olivo Italiano. Children can learn with us the most useful everyday language expressions (numbers, colors, animals, body parts, moods, emotions etc.) and how to make simple requests of everyday life (ask for directions, make small purchases, how to order a drink, etc.).

How does it work:

The approach to the Italian language is predominantly oral and aims to make the learning process similar to that of the acquisition of the first language, proposing educational activities that promote the spontaneous approach to the language. The child learns Italian in a natural and practical way, while having fun!

From 9.20 to 13.00 from Monday to Friday. From 10:50 to 11:20 there is a 30-minute break, during which we will go together in the park (or in the lounge of the hostel in case of rain) to rest and to have a light breakfast.

Teachers are all native Italian speakers and from the first day of class, even with the children, we speak only Italian. It is not impossible, in fact, all of our teachers are prepared, and use teaching strategies to communicate well with young students who have never studied Italian. Avoiding as much as possible speaking in one’s own mother tongue, is a safe and rewarding way to learn Italian quickly and efficiently.

Teachers are specialized and have experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language to children and adolescents. It is important to create a cozy and serene environment that stimulates every little step in this adventure in the world of languages.

Italian Course

The course focuses on an interactive and cooperative learning, through paired and group activities. We offer a wide variety of listening exercises, songs, rhymes, stories to be recited. The child is exposed to the authentic language. Often we ask the children to cut, paste, color, and draw. Many of the activities are games and we pay particular attention to physical and multi-sensory involvement through the use of Total Physical Response techniques that foresee learning a language through the use of one’s body, listening and executing simple commands (ex. Open the door/lock the door, walk/sit down etc.).

At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be issued.

Optional Extra Activities

All activities are in Italian, are carried out inside our school and have the objective of strengthening and practicing the use of the language outside the classroom context.


We learn to knead, bake and taste the crispy focaccia with Chef Francesca. We collect the fruit from the trees in the park and prepare a good jam! The children will take home a jar of homemade jam.


to learn to recognize and collect herbs, berries and twigs found along the way. The walk will be led by our naturopath Lara who will explain to the children their uses in cooking and in herbal medicine.


realizing a painting of the Dome of Florence seen from our terrace.


to learn some Italian songs accompanied by Marta’s guitar.


an afternoon dedicated to puppets. Children can give life to puppets through a simple story in Italian.


to create a moisturizing cream from natural ingredients and then use it for the family, with our naturopath Lara.


An afternoon devoted to play with Italian children to learn the rules of the Italian game, the Count, idioms, etc. A unique opportunity of linguistic and cultural encounter.


our animator Alessandra will teach simple dance choreography for Italian and foreign songs.

The timetable of extra activities is to be agreed. Prices vary based on the number of participants. Discounts are available for families.

Do you also wish to participate to other activities or events in your spare time?
Look at our experiences or contact us
to know all about that and thus make your language course an unforgettable Italian experience!