“Né di Maggio né di maggione, non ti levare il pelliccione” (proverb).

At L’Olivo Italiano, May will be a month full of events. Find out now, we will wait for you!

May: The month of flowering and of the complete awakening of nature, following the drowsiness of April and anticipating the splendor of the nearby summer. In May, days get longer and become warmer. But sometimes a sudden and equally passenger cold return is possible and this is why we are used to say: “Né di Maggio né di maggione, non ti levare il pelliccione”  (even if it’s May, don’t take off the fur)!


2/5-16/5-30/5 Complete/Intensive Course
2/5 Italian Language for Medicine
16/5 Italian Language for Commerce
30/5 Italian Language for Law
3/5 Evening Courses for Residents
2/5-9/5-16/5-23/5-30/5 Italian Survival Pills


2/5-16/5-30/5 “DOLCE VITA: Visiting the territory and enjoying food and wine tasting.

2/5-30/5 “DE GUSTIBUS: Cooking, experimenting and tasting.

2/5-30/5NATURALMENTE”: To visit the surrounding area “at a walking pace” and find out more about the world of plants and natural medicine.

16/5 DISCOVERING TUSCANY”: To visit the territory on foot, on a Fiat Cinquecento and on an old-fashion horse-drawn wagon!

16/5SHOTS OF ITALY”: Photographing together.


Cinema italiano: Every Monday at 2.30 pm, the appointment is with the Italian Cinema – Every week we meet to watch an Italian language movie at our Cinema club. Teachers introduce the story and the essential vocabulary to facilitate the understanding of the film.

Italian Speed Date: Every Wednesday at 6.00 pm it’s the turn of the new entertaining space dedicated to language exchanges! Italians who study a foreign language are invited to practice it with our students of Italian. From 6.00pm to 6.30pm we speak in Italian and from 6.30 pm to 7.00 pm, at the sound of the bell, you will talk in your native language. We distribute to participants a list of questions to facilitate the conversation and not to run out of things to say. There are no limits of race, sex, age or religion … the curiosity to learn, the desire to have fun and to speak a foreign language are the ingredients of Italian speed dates!

Apericena: Every Thursday at 6.30pm APERICENA time at the legendary Bar Gianni, next to our school. An occasion to know the newcomers, have a chat, spend time in the company of teachers and other students, of course practicing and speaking Italian only! Everyone is welcome to join us: Italian and not Italian, students, teachers, friends and familiars!


1/5SUONA BENEPic-nic with live music in the medieval garden! 

20/5 LE TRE SORELLE feat. “A Firenze l’è Pizzica”

At 7 pm the night will begin with a Pizzica (traditional popular dance from the South of Italy) DANCE LESSON held by Annalisa Prota of the association A Firenze l’è Pizzica – DanzeAssuD with live music! From 8 pm APERICENA PUGLIESE (light dinner in Puglia style) and at 9.30 pm the CONCERT!  A very special all-female band will be the star of the evening. The trio is characterized by a specialized repertoire on polyphonic songs of southern Italy, performed “a cappella” or with the accompaniment of many traditional instruments: frame drums, organ, accordion, Calabrian lyre, swing guitar, violin and minor percussion.


1/5 at 5:00 pm: Coro della Martinella – Convento dell’Incontro a Bagno a Ripoli (Florence): Spring Festival and concert.

5-8/5: Festa del Giaggiolo (Iris festival) – San Polo, Greve in Chianti (Florence): Four days of celebration that San Polo in Chianti dedicated to Iris and its cultivation, as well as wine, oil and Flavors of San Polo.

15/5 ore 16:30Choral concert – San Francesco Covent in Fiesole (Florence).