Walking through Italian streets with a bit of attention and curiosity, it’s not unusual to find funny writings and signs.

 These funny signs can also help you to discover something more about Italians; people full of imagination and creativity of course and this clearly appears from writings and drawings on signs, walls, bells, machines and more placed everywhere: in the countryside, in towns and cities of the Bel Paese!

Beware though many of these contain grammatical errors, words and slang expressions, so you need to be very careful not to memorize wrong words…

Today we post some signs and we will continue to post new pictures in the future … do not miss them!

In these pictures:

  • Speed ​​limits: in Italy the license is in points, it start with 20 points but if you commit infractions such as exceeding the speed limit or go through a red light, in addition to the fine, some points are removed from your license. Once you run out of points, you have to go back to the driving school and pass an exam on the rules of the road. The driver of the car on that picture has only 5 points left on his license. Therefore he must drive respecting the speed limit so as not to lose any more points. For many Italians driving slow  is not nice, that’s why this driver feels obliged to apologize to the cars behind him!
    What a pity!! In Italy we have the Fountain of Youth but  unfortunately its water is not drinkable!
    Danger!! People walking throug this area should be careful, there are free-range chickens crossing the road!
    Italian drinkers: Italians love wine, and it happens very oft to find writings dedicated to wine: certainly everybody dies,  but we won’t die from thirst, because we will never miss the wine!
    Attention please: if you pee under a pine tree, a pine cone can fall down your head!