Are you looking for an Italian language course for foreigners in Italy, maybe in Tuscany?

Find out more about the Italian Language & Culture School for Foreigners ‘L’Olivo Italiano’ and the Italian courses offered. The Italian Language & Culture School ‘L’Olivo Italiano’ offers Italian language and culture courses all year round. Classes are held only by experienced native Italian teachers and you will speak Italian from the very first day!

Our standard course takes place in the morning, from Monday to Friday from 9:20 to 13:00 (with a 20-minute break). This is an intensive Italian language and culture course, ideal for improving your language skills and becoming more confident by working on listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The standard course lasts two weeks but it is possible to attend it longer or just one week. Opt for this course if you would like a balance between intensive instruction in the morning and free time in the afternoon. This course will allow you enough time to participate in all our afternoon and evening activities or to selfstudy for course preparation and homework.

Read more information on our standard course a COMPLETE COURSE  and on the  teaching method .

Classes are suitable for all language proficiency levels, students are divided into homogeneous groups, on average 2 to 5 generally adult students, to ensure that your learning experience is effective and engaging and tailor-made. Being active in class and having fun while Learning allows for fast, tangible and long-term progress.

After registering for the course, you will receive a language test by e-mail to assess your level. So, when you arrive you can immediately start the lessons in the group that best suits your level.

We also offer other Italian Language courses of different duration and intensity. Thus explain us what you are looking for exactly, we will help you to find the course tailored for you!

Write us at: or call us at +39 333 4060777.