Is it possible to learn Italian quickly? Yes, it is possible, do not worry.

Italian is a complicated and difficult language, but it is possible to obtain satisfactory results in a short time.

The important thing is to use your little time available for learning Italian in the best way. Let’s see together how …

If you can … Go!


Surely the best way to get results quickly is to do a full immersion in the country of the language you are learning. So if you are learning Italian, come to Italy and attend an intensive Italian course. With a week of intensive course at a good Italian school, combined with afternoon social and cultural activities, more results can be achieved than in two months of home study.
A full immersion can be useful both at the beginning of learning Italian, so as to overcome more easily the initial difficulty, or even when in the study path you feel stranded at a fixed point. Even just a few days of intensive study at an Italian school in Italy can solve and unblock a situation of this kind effectively. To have an overview of the Italian Language Schools in Italy: myitalianlanguageschool o it-schools. 

… and if I can not leave?


Obviously it is not always possible even if only for a few days go abroad and invest in the study of a language. If you want to study Italian at home, there are still many possibilities to reach this goal, albeit slowly but with satisfying results. To do this what does it take? There are two essential ingredients for learning Italian:



Motivation is the basis of everything, whatever you want to learn, not just a language. The first question you need to ask yourself is: What motivates you to learn Italian fast? If your motivation is strong you will surely get excellent results. Motivation is essential and must be “taken care of”. If, for example, what drives you to learn Italian is a passion for culture, do not just focus on grammar, read, watch, listen to everything that interests you and stimulate your motivation. If your motivation is to know Italians, look for contacts.

Today internet is an incredible resource, offering endless possibilities: you can participate in chats in Italian, get in touch with associations that organize language exchanges in your country, meet other people who study Italian or native Italian speakers close to you with whom to exercise you. If you like talking to people, look for opportunities for dialogue, keeping your motivation alive. If the reason that motivates you to study Italian is your work, focus your attention on commercial Italian and not on things that do not interest you.




Even if you have a limited amount of time to learn Italian quickly, at that short time for results you have to devote maximum effort and maximum attention to achieving this goal. To do this the passion is the best ally, without it the work would be too difficult!

Do you have motivation and passion? Well, then you are ready to move on! Italian is waiting for you!

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