Free Appointments


We are pleased to invite all students to participate in the following FREE weekly activities:

Every Monday at 2.30 pm, the appointment is with the Italian Cinema – Every week we meet to watch an Italian language movie at our Cinema club. Teachers introduce the story and the essential vocabulary to facilitate the understanding of the film. Each participant will be provided with wireless headphones to ensure the best audio quality.
Italian Speed Date

Every Wednesday at 6.00 pm it’s the turn of the ITALIAN SPEED DATE, a new entertaining space dedicated to language exchanges! Italians who study a foreign language are invited to practice it with our students of Italian. From 6.00pm to 6.30pm we speak in Italian and from 6.30 pm to 7.00 pm, at the sound of the bell, you will talk in your native language. We distribute to participants a list of questions to facilitate the conversation and not to run out of things to say. There are no limits of race, sex, age or religion … the curiosity to learn, the desire to have fun and to speak a foreign language are the ingredients of Italian speed dates! Book your ITALIAN SPEED DATE and check if there are Italians interested in a chat in your own language! This appointment will take place only if the minimum number of participants to form language pairs is reached.


Every Thursday at 6.30pm APERICENA time at the legendary Bar Gianni, next to our school. An occasion to know the newcomers, have a chat, spend time in the company of teachers and other students, of course practicing and speaking Italian only! Everyone is welcome to join us: Italian and not Italian, students, teachers, friends and familiars! Drinks at the bar are not included.

Contact us for further information!