When the next course?

All standard courses begin on Monday and end on Friday. Shorter courses of one, two or three days are also available. Check the calendar or ask for more information.

How is the first day of class?

You will immediately start with learning from the very first day. Your level will be assessed in advance with a placement test sent via email, so you will not miss a minute of class time. Please come directly to the school, 15 minutes before the start of your course lesson.

How long does a single lesson last?

A group lesson lasts 50 minutes. An individual lesson can last 90 or 60 minutes. A lesson via Skype lasts 60 minutes.

Will we use a textbook?

To customize the lessons and make them interesting and effective we do not use a single textbook but we will work with a customized teaching materials that include passages from different textbooks and authentic materials such as newspapers and magazines articles, book extracts, audiovisuals. Textbooks are used on courses longer than a month. The didactic materials are always included in the course fee.

What teaching method do you adopt?

We use a communicative approach, as suggested by the modern theories of language learning. You will find yourself in a position that will induce you to communicate in Italian from the very first day. Being the true protagonist of the lesson, you will actively participate to the class, having fun in a relaxed context. You will be encouraged to practice oral Italian and you will use different learning materials, measured to your level. Read more about our method

What kind of qualification do teachers have?

All teachers are highly qualified and graduated in humanities or languages and are specialized in the teaching of Italian language and culture to foreigners.

How many students are there per class?

To give the opportunity to all students to practice oral language skills, classes are small, max 9 students.

Are classes divided by age?

No, classes are mixed and thought for adults (from 16 years old). Based on our experience, the difference of age or nationality does not represent a stress factor, but a valuable resource. Only in case of predominantly junior or senior groups, we divide classes by age.

Will I have to speak only Italian?

During the courses and activities we speak in Italian, but the members of our staff speak several languages (English, French, German and Spanish) and are always on hand to help and assist in case of need.

What results can I get in a one week course?

All students, regardless of the starting level or age rapidly acquire greater safety and fluidity even in a week. To reach a higher level, at least 2 weeks of course are recommended. The time spent at our school greatly boost your confidence, your skills, preparing you to live in the Italian world.

How can I get faster results?

To step up learning we recommend you to combine the language course with some individual lessons and to participate to events and activities. When spending time in Italy everything you do becomes an Italian lesson. No language can be learned overnight-night and there is no magic fix. But with a few straightforward steps and a dedicated attitude, it's entirely possible to be competent and conversational within a few months.

If I book an accommodation, when will it be available?

Normally accommodations are available from the day before the beginning of the course to the day after the end.

Do I have to book an accommodation through L'Olivo Italiano?

Absolutely no. We are at your disposal to help you to select and find an accommodation only if you desire it. If you prefer you can book your accommodation by your self.

What kind of Italian family provide lodging for home-stay solutions?

The family may be composed of a married couple with/without children, a mother/father with children or a single.

What are the eating habits of an Italian family?

Breakfast usually consists of a cup of coffee, milk or tea with bread, butter and jam and/or cookies. Dinner is usually served at around 8.00 pm. The Italian full meals generally provide a first course (pasta or soup) and / or a second course (meat/fish/eggs with vegetables). The dessert only occasionally.

How do I find the school and my accommodation upon my arrival?

Book your transfer or read the directions on how to reach us or contact us and we're providing you all the necessary instructions.

Why do I need to take a placement test?

To better understand what is your level of knowledge of Italian and what is the right level course for you. We will send you via e-mail a test immediately after your registration and you will have to send it back before your arrival in order to build homogeneous groups and to start lessons at your arrival!

Can I consult the dictionary for the placement test?

No, you have to take the test using only your knowledge. The goal is neither to prove your skills, or to avoid mistakes, but only to make us understand your level. Otherwise you risk to find yourself in a group of a higher level, slowing your learning.

It is possible to change level during the course?

If you are making remarkable progress and want to advance level, or whether on the contrary the assigned class is too advanced for you and you want to move down a level, please speak with your teacher that will find the best solution for you.

Do you organize cultural and leisure activities?

We offer many activities both inside and outside of our school. We propose activities to be carried out with teachers, students or in complete autonomy. If you want, we can also help you organize weekends or excursions. Upon your arrival, we'll keep you updated on all the possibilities, so you'll always be free to choose how to spend your free time! For more information visit our packages or the news, or contact us!

Can I take part to one activity only or shall I book a complete package?

No, you can also book a single activity of the ones proposed in our packages. For some activities a minimum number of participants is required. Contact us and we'll provide you all necessary information.

Do you organize the activities described in the packages only?

No, we work together with many partners, so we can help you to take a variety of courses (cooking, art, history, etc.) to participate to guided tours and visits (Florence, Tuscany and beyond) to practice sports and more. Contact us telling what would like to do and we will be glad to help you.

May I participate to your activities even if I do not attend the complete course of language and culture?

The enrollment to any of our language and culture courses gives free access to weekly free appointments, the opportunity to purchase one of our packages, to attend events and to book single activities. In short, maximum freedom and maximum entertainment. Contact us  for a personalized quotation without obligation.

How can I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer or credit card. Any additional bank charge should be paid by the student.

Do I have to pay a deposit in advance?

To confirm your reservation, we request a 30% deposit of the total amount. Upon arrival you will pay the remaining amount. In case of cancellation or no-show the deposit is not refundable.

Do I have to pay a tuition fee?

Yes, the tuition fee is 50 € and is not refundable


Closures and holiday

L’Olivo Italiano is generally closed on Saturdays and Sundays and on the following public holidays. Lessons on these occasions are not refundable or recoverable.

January 1st – New Year; January 6th – Epiphany; Easter Monday; April 25th – Liberation Day; May 1st – Labor Day; June 2nd – Republic Day; 15th August – Assumption; November 1st – All Saints; December 8th – Immaculate conception; 25th and 26th December – Christmas Day and St. Stephen.


It is temperate enough to make the area attractive throughout the year. The average temperature in July, the hottest month of the year is 24.4 C° and the average temperature in January, the coldest month of the year is 5.1 C°. In summer the temperature varies approximately between 18 and 30 C° (64° F -86 °F) and in winter from 4 C°and 16 C°(39 ° F-61 ° F).


Free access in the school.


Italy’s standard electricity supply is 220 volts AC with a frequency of 50 hertz. The sockets and plugs may differ from those in your country. An adapter may be useful.


It is possible to find pharmacies open 24/24 and on public holidays. We remember to bring with you any necessary medical requirements. In case of need L’Olivo Italiano can put you in touch with a private doctor.

Students coming from European Union member countries may also take advantage of the European Health Insurance Card http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=559&langId=it. Students from non-EU member countries must make private health insurance.

In casualty department (Pronto Soccorso) at hospital, non-EU visitors in Italy for tourism, study or work are required to pay the entire amount of the benefits received that can be paid by insurance, public or private, to which the tourist is associated.

It is with the exception of those countries which have specific agreements with the Italian state.(http://www.salute.gov.it/portale/temi/p2_6.jsp?lingua=italiano&id=594&area=Assistenza%20sanitaria&menu=paesi).

For Community nationals are subject to the tariffs applied to Italian citizens provided they have the European Health Insurance Card. The economic contribution is adjusted according to the urgency of the patient arrived at the hospital. Not prompted any ticket to the city with red code (patient very critical, life threatening) with code yellow (average patient critic, possible life-threatening) and Code Green (patient urgently postponed). You will have to pay a ticket between 25 and 50 € if the discharge occurs with blue code (uncritical) or white (non-critical and non-urgent).

Currency in Italy

Euro (plural: Euro, abbreviated: EUR, symbol: €). Euro is the official currency in Italy and in other European Union countries.


European Union citizens (cittadini comunitari) may enter Italy with a national identity card or valid passport. Non EU nationals may enter Italy provided that they hold both a valid passport and, if required, an entry visa issued in their country of origin.

If you need a visa to extend your stay for more than 90 days, you must apply for a LONG-TERM VISA (TYPE D) for study reason . After the enrollment to L’Olivo Italiano and the payment of the deposit, we will provide you with the invitation letter necessary for your visa application. Within 8 working days after arrival in Italy you will obtain a residence permit. We can assist you in completing the necessary documents.

Codice Fiscale

It is s a code required to pay taxes to the Italian Government, therefore obligatory in case you want to enroll in an Italian university, rent an apartment, buy a car, open a bank account.

Time Zone

The time zone in Italy is UTC + 1 and during summer (from mid-March to mid-October) UTC + 2 Check the exact time http://24timezones.com/it_ora/rome_fuso_orario.php


The country code for Italy is 0039. The area code for the entire province of Florence is 055 (fixed line). For your mobile phone you can buy Italian pre-paid SIM card.