The Method


Our learning tree is rooted in an established method that branches in our courses ...

Only Italian!

Our Italian teachers are all native speakers. From day one, students of all abilities will speak only Italian. It is not impossible, our teachers are all trained in how to successfully communicate and teach also to students who can not speak Italian at all. This method has proven to be very effective and satisfying, by avoiding your native tongue as much as possible, you are more likely to learn Italian quickly and efficiently.

Students protagonists of the lessons

Lessons are always student-centred and never passive lectures delivered to students. Being active in class and having fun while learning Italian allows for fast, tangible and long-term progress. Teachers maintain a positive, stress-free and friendly environment, helping learners of all ages and nationalities feel comfortable in the classroom and involving them at their own speed and respecting individual personalities.

Learning By Speaking

Learners are continuously encouraged to practice the oral language thus allowing them to learn Italian in the most natural way. In order to learn a language, students have to practice speaking to others as much as possible. There’s a number of way to encourage speaking in-class: group and pair work, dialogue building, individual or team games, readings aloud, discussion topics, interviews, real-life simulations, exercises, role-plays, presentations, etc. The more opportunities we give our students to speak in class, the more likely it is that they’ll be using the language as often as possible outside the classroom. To this purpose, classes should be small and groups are composed of maximum 9 persons per class.Praticare la lingua “vera”: l’italiano degli italiani

Master the “real” language: the Italian language of Italian people

All too often learners attend a language course believing they have improved conversation skills and couldn’t actually neither understand nor be understood out of the school with native speakers. We always analyse language therefore starting from real situations, using a wide range of teaching materials, which are authentic and regularly up-to-date, to ensure that your learning experience is effective and engaging: not only extracts of book, newspapers, magazines, poetries, essays, but also soundtracks and/or videos of interviews, songs, movies and finally images such as pictures, paintings, cartoons, ads. Everything that let us speak Italian about Italy!

We also use specific books for studying the Italian language, grammar and linguistics. Teaching materials are all supplied by the school and are included in course fees. Digital media and materials provided are carefully selected according to the level of classes.