Italian Christmas Cakes: 5 recipes typical of Tuscany

Every Italian region has its own specialties, but surely Tuscany proposes a real triumph of Christmas biscuits, dried fruit cakes and sweets of all shapes.

Christmas is coming and to create a real Christmas atmosphere there is nothing better than cooking. L’Olivo Italiano presents 5 Italian Christmas Cakes typical of Tuscany to bring on your table its sweet flavors.

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Happy Ferragosto!

The name of the Ferragosto festival comes from the Latin Feriae Augusti (Augustus rest), in honor of Octavian Augustus, the first Roman emperor, which takes its name in August.

The festival celebrated the end of the agricultural works, dedicated to Conso,  which was, in Roman religion, the god of the earth and fertility. In ancient times, as a pagan festival, it was celebrated starting from the 1st of August.

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Italian walking through Italy

Walking through Italian streets with a bit of attention and curiosity, it’s not unusual to find funny writings and signs.

 These funny signs can also help you to discover something more about Italians; people full of imagination and creativity of course and this clearly appears from writings and drawings on signs, walls, bells, machines and more placed everywhere: in the countryside, in towns and cities of the Bel Paese!Read More