Irene Amantia – Italian Language Teacher
Learning and Teaching Manager

My name is Irene, I was born and grew up in Florence. Since I was a child, I’ve been interested in languages and foreign cultures. My first trip abroad was to France, with the school, when I was only ten and since then I’ve never stopped. I studied languages and I lived alone in France, Germany and England, always living amazing experiences.

My passion for languages led me to the University of Bologna-Forlì, where I hold a degree in Interpretation and translation from/to French and German, after passing, among others, specific exams in the teaching of foreign languages and in Italian language and linguistic.

I became aware of my desire to teach my native language and I attended a course for teaching Italian as Foreign Language, obtaining the certificate in Teaching Italian as Second Language (DITALS) from the University for Foreigners of Siena, with specialization in teaching Italian to Adults and Seniors.

Since then, I teach Italian to foreigners with passion.

The love for Italy and Italian language, I owe it first to my family: my mom used to sing me Tuscan songs and rhymes, she used to take me to folk and village festivals, making me aware of the power of Italian traditions.

My dad made me realize the importance of the origin of the Italian language, explaining me the Greek and Latin etymology of words and always inviting me to consult the dictionary whenever we were not sure of the meaning of a word.

My grandpa, philosopher, from behind his typewriter, read me pieces of his treatises, turning to me for style and writing tips, although I was only a child and couldn’t understand almost anything he was asking me.

My awareness and love for this work started during my time at the university, when I decided to attend a language course in Bamberg, a charming German town outside of major centres, where I thought I could better concentrate on the study and be able to make new friends more easily.

Here I fell in love with the school and its teachers. I finally figured out what I wanted for my future … not becoming an interpreter, not a translator… I wanted to become a teacher of Italian language to foreigners, I wanted to teach my mother tongue!

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