with a shared passion and a great dream: to guide people from all over the world on a journey through Italy and its culture with simplicity, joy and expertise.

From an early age we were both fascinated by foreign countries and cultures; we both travelled and learned foreign languages and now as adults, we’ve decided to stay and live in the country where we were born and grew up in to help promote the beautiful face of Italy: Italian culture with its immense heritage of literature, theatre, music,

opera, cinema; art, architecture and natural wonders; Italian folklore, history and traditions; handcraft and agriculture; friendly, welcoming and solar people; Italian cuisine, the art of Eating well, enjoying good food in good company.


Learning and Teaching Manager

My name is Irene, I was born and grew up in Florence. Since I was a child, I’ve been interested in languages and foreign cultures. My first trip abroad was to France, with the school, when I was only ten and since then I’ve never stopped. I studied languages and I lived alone in France, Germany and England, always living amazing experiences. My passion for languages led me to the University of Bologna-Forlì, where I hold a degree in Interpretation and translation from/to French and German, after passing, among others, specific exams in the teaching of foreign languages and in Italian language and linguistics. I became aware of my desire to teach my native language and I attended a course for teaching Italian as Foreign Language, obtaining the certificate in Teaching Italian as Second Language (DITALS) from the University for Foreigners of Siena, with specialization in teaching Italian to Adults and Seniors. Since then, I have been teaching Italian to foreigners with passion.
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Cultural Activities & Events Manager

My name is Alessandra, I was born and grew up in Florence. My father is Italian and my mother is French. The passion for languages grew in me from a very early age, first of all, driven by the need to communicate with the part of my family living abroad, but also because the study of foreign languages has always been my favourite subject in school! Hence the decision to attend the International Language High School, then the School for Interpreters and Translators and holding finally a degree in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation Sciences (French and English language). Mastering a second language means to get in touch with its culture, culture cannot be overlooked. Our school project is set actually on this basis. I take care to make sure that our programs provide learners with an all-round overview of our country, through our Italian cultural courses, events and activities.
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