How can I learn Italian language fast?

We said that learn Italian fast is possible, although it is a very complex language. It is important to make the most of the little time you have available. Here are 5 practical tips!



In every possible way. As soon as you can watch Italian movies (but only films that you like because it is essential to feed your passion and your motivation), listen to the radio, watch videos on youtube, read books, magazines, articles, whatever you like best. Internet is an incredible resource, today you can find online material on the most diverse topics in different languages.



Practice both writing and speaking, both oral and written comprehension, ie reading and writing.

Give yourself realistic goals. You must practice with materials that correspond to your level of knowledge of the language. If you are a beginner, it is useless to read a romance or to try to understand a film in detail. It is not possible.

The web is full of texts, audios, podcasts, videos, corresponding to the various levels of language proficiency, as indicated in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which distinguishes three broad areas of expertise, which in turn are divided into six levels:

A – Basic user (A1: Breakthrough or beginner, A2: Waystage or elementary)

B – Independent user (B1: Threshold or intermediate, B2: Vantage or upper intermediate)

C – Proficient user (C1: Effective operational proficiency or advanced, C2: Mastery or proficiency)

If you are a beginner, look for and listen to A level videos and audios, etc. … Otherwise the risk is to get frustrated and frustration leads to the loss of motivation!

As you level up, you will upgrade to audios and videos of the higher level and you will be fully satisfied. If for exemple in this moment you are studying the present time, it will be useful for you to read dialogues with verb forms in present because you will understand them. This will encourage you to keep going and keep alive your motivation and your desire to learn italian.




If you are a beginner, absolutely avoid practicing with fairy tales for children. Fairy tales in Italian are not simple because:

  • first of all they use a fantastic vocabulary, not of daily use and therefore difficult
  • they use mainly past tenses, that are usually studied at a more advanced level.

If instead you wish to read a novel, choose one that you have already read, as well as watch a movie you have already seen. If you will already know the plot, you will be able to follow the story regardless of your real understanding of the dialogues.




Yes, grammar is at the base of everything! Natural learning does not require the study of grammar, but presupposes living in a country where a language is spoken for a prolonged period and this is not always possible. The grammar must therefore be studied, understood and exercised.

To self-study grammar, choose a good book of ITALIAN GRAMMAR FOR FOREIGNERS (not for Italians). A specialized text, where there you can find both explanations and exercises. The part of the explanation would be preferable in your mother tongue (otherwise it would be too difficult to understand). The important thing is that the book needs to provide the solution to the exercises, because if you misunderstand a rule and you incorrectly complete an excercise and nobody corrects you the error will remain.

If instead you decide to be helped by a teacher, rely on a teacher specialized in teaching languages. It is not enough to be a native speaker to know how to teach one’s own language, you must have studied for this.

In general up to the A2 / B1 level, it is not so important that an Italian teacher is a native speaker (from the B2 level on if mother tongue is better). It’s important that he is trained to carry out this job professionally and have studied how to teach languages. Otherwise an unqualified teacher, even if a native speaker, can know his language very well but will not know how to teach it. The risk of losing time and energy is therefore very high! Since the time to learn is always short, choose well how to spend it and who can help you to optimize it.




To put into practice what you study is what gives you more satisfaction. So look for opportunities to speak italian. There are organizations in different countries that organize language exchanges. You offer the knowledge of your language and your partner the knowledge of the language that you are studying. In this way you can practice the language spontaneously.

Practising a language let difficulties emerge, but above all progresses! Maybe you have studied a concept of grammar, you have done a perfect exercise, you understand well a video or an  article, but you can not talk. This is because to learn to speak spontaneously … you have to speak spontaneously!

It’s all about exercise and practice.

Good luck and write us for personalized advice!

Irene & Alessandra

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